If you’ve ever had the thought, “Oh, I wish but I can’t afford that” or even the more sarcastic, “Psh, yeah right” when someone proposes a trip across the world to you, please read. I don’t seek to change your mind. Because your mind is important and is what got your here. I seek to utilize your mind to put your attention on something else. Read on!

It’s no secret that now more than ever, us humans love traveling. Especially the ones who can afford it, am I right? And that’s not always you? Same. I used to think I did not fall into that category of being able to afford to travel and travel far because I only made X amount of money per year. It has taken practice to rewire my belief system about this, yet I stand on the other side of my practice so thankful that I was willing to shift my perspective. Take note: no one can shift your perspective for you. You must be willing to dive into the brave unknown on this with me. Ready? Here’s how to create a possibility of exploring far-flung lands and still have monetary abundance:

  1. Make a list of everything you buy in a day. Then another list of everything you buy in a week. Then a third of what you buy in a month. The make a fourth an unrelated list of all the travel-related experiences you’d like to experience. Huzzah!
  2. See what you purchase that is not as important to you as a bad-ass trip. And think about the most bad-ass trip you want to take–don’t limit yourself to the “doable” ones. (Bolivia? Nepal? Turkey, anybody?!)
  3. Commit to discontinuing the purchase of things that aren’t in line with what you’re committed to. Some would call this sacrifice. I call it putting my attention/energy/money in what I want. If at any point you begin to complain or whine about the sacrifice, my recommendation would be to hush up and laugh at yourself a little. You’re going to be ok! To share: I’m a yoga teacher by day and I’ve sacrificed buying new work out clothes for like two years. I exist on hand-me-downs and occasional birthday gifts. And my privileged-ass self is ok. That saved me $2,000 I used on two international roundtrip plane tickets!
  4. Start putting aside those unused chunks of cash for a few months. Self-discipline is just like shifting your perspective: no one can do it but you.
  5. Get on our website, find a trip that speaks to you, and put down your deposit. We love traveling with people like us! Notice the little freaky nervous eeeee sensation in your tummy or chest when you finally hit “click!” and sign up. That is the feeling of thrill. Of good-fear! Of being alive! And if you don’t want to book adventures through us, I’m not sure why you even started reading this article, let alone made it this far. And that’s ok. Just go travel, will you?!
  6. Remember, I am only speaking to those who are committed to traveling over the other things happening in your life. If you are focusing on something v important to you that which wouldn’t make sense to add on travel, then don’t! It’s ok. Even though we like to explore, having a solid, happy, functioning home base is also v important to us. <3

All in all, YOUR budget is YOUR budget. You aren’t an effect of your job, how much money you make, your bills, etc. You’ve chosen all those things and can always choose differently (this is of course barring extreme situations). It does take a spark of spirit to claim responsibility and make shifts in your habits where they haven’t lined up with the list “what I want.” Thanks for reading. Happy travels.