Wondering what kind of adventure to take for your next vacation? This article will help you decide what will best quench your travel thirst.

High-season travel

If you’re a teacher, parent, student, or some kind of summer-off seasonal worker, summer time is the best time to explore the world for you. That does mean it is also the best time for the majority of other travelers, so be prepared for higher prices and bigger crowds at popular tourist destinations. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing! You can have a blast with other travel-seekers enjoying the Eiffel Tower, the Great Pyramids, or the gorgeous Greek islands. If you’d rather check out places in the world that not everyone else is checking during summer vacation, here are some of our recommendations for summer travel spots that have a lighter amount of travelers for an even more unique experience:




Nova Scotia



Shoulder-season travel

Take a week or two off work during a travel shoulder season at the destinations below to truly enjoy the sights, activities, cuisines, and prices. Typically, the shoulder seasons have wonderful weather and far less crowds so you can adventure away and/or live like a local!

Hawaii – March-April

Ireland – March-April

Australian outback – April-May

Cuba – April-May

Japan – May

Greece – May

Nepal – August

South Africa – September-October

Vancouver – October-November

Nicaragua – December

Off-season travel

This type of travel is reserved for the real wanderlusts of the world that love a truly authentic experience of the destination. Off-season travel means most businesses are not catering to tourists, so living like a local and soaking in the essence of a city/country is more attainable than ever. We personally love off-season travel because of this and it sure doesn’t hurt that it is extremely affordable. Get your passport ready and head out to these places. Just remember that global holidays like Christmas and New Years are the exceptions during this time–those times of year are busy/expensive all over the world!

Okinawa, Japan – October

New Zealand – November-January

Turkey – December

Greek islands – September-Feburary

Bali – September-October