Which is better? Solo or group travel? We have the definitive answer for you. It’s…


Y’all, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. They’re both great. Both styles of travel yield amazing experiences. Here are my take aways from each:

Solo Travel

I only took a solo adventure because it scared me to be by myself for that long. Not only would I need to rely completely on my own smarts, both books and streets, to get me where I needed to go, but also I would only have my own company in during meals, rest time, and in the room. Being from a big family and always have a close group of friends, I had never had much alone time. I didn’t choose solo travel because I felt I needed alone time to be a normal/good person–it was borne out of an experiment to see how that type of travel would be different than constant socializing! For my first solo trip, I booked a trip to the Pacific Northwest for one week. Compared to a group travel trip, I discovered

  • I have authentic, meaningful interactions with the locals a lot more
  • I felt like I took in the scenery more because I talked less and allowed myself to witness
  • A feeling of accomplishment when I completed an activity or found something really cool all by myself
  • My mind freaked out the first night I didn’t speak from dinner til the next morning. Then I felt so peaceful!
  • There was simply less “drama” because I only had to get myself places
  • I absorbed directions better and started feeling like a local
  • I had my wits about me way more since there was no one else to protect me but me (from bears went I camped, creepy people when I walked)
  • I got to know myself in a different way

Group Travel

I’ve done a lot more group travel simply because I’m more of an extrovert. Any introverts reading this: I know solo travel may be more your jam, and you can still get your alone time when you go on a group trip. When I refer to “group,” by the way, I’m referring to traveling with one or more people. This includes couples trips! Even if you are someone who values their alone time and/or doesn’t like to talk much, humans are still group creatures at their core. It’s nice to be around people even without all the social interactions. We keep each other safe, we look out for one another, and we delegate tasks between each other to lighten the load. Plus, everyone I’ve traveled with I get to know on a different level (just like how I got to know me when traveling with just me). I discovered on group travel

  • 1,000,000% fun. People mostly let loose when traveling! While it’s not a constant party, there is always the spontaneous party moment around the corner!
  • People really support me no matter what and I support them right back. It’s a wonderful feeling.
  • Humans do this natural thing that when one person is freaking out, the other/others remain calm. We’re so strong together!
  • I noticed/experienced things I may never have by myself simply because a fellow traveler pointed it out to me. 20 eyes are better than 2!
  • It’s nice when someone offers to carry your bag for awhile <3
  • The group looks out for one another so I felt very safe
  • A sense of camaraderie that makes me feel like a bad-ass
  • Challenging moments with one another allow us to be our authentic selves, exposed and raw, and therefore more meaningful relationships are created. It’s like fighting with a brother or sister! We love each other so much we’re still cool after we squabble!

The bottom line: we are Generate Adventures encourage you to try on both, especially if you lean heavily one way or the other. We have group trips available on our Adventures page here and if you ever want to solo trip and you’d love us to plan the logistics for you, contact us for our super-affordable itinerary services. Bon voyage and bon bon-bons to you all!